Which Is The Best Mobile App Development Technology

Which Is The Best Mobile App Development Technology

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Probably getting a good app idea is no longer that tough, however finding an ideal approach for implementing it, is more easy said than done. Despite the task of selecting a excellent source to get your app developed; a cell app development organization or a developer, another most big job is to opt for a precise technology platform.

There are many alternatives for cell app design and development approaches like you can either build a native iOS app, Android app, responsive web app or a cross-platform app. If you decide to build an app for only 1 platform due to the limited budget, definitely you have to lose half of the feasible users. This way, each platform comes with certain pros and cons; even if at the cease of the day the choice is all yours.

Surely, the prerequisite to make this complicated decision is to know a bit about the various technology choices available. This will allow you to to converse the options with your Mobile App Development agency or developer.

Lets have a temporary visual attraction at a host of of the effective cell app development technologies that you can go for:

Native App Development

A Native app is one which is built on a single platform like Android, iOS, BlackBerry OS or Windows phone.

If you deserve to create an app for Android, it'll necessitate learning Java. As Java has a less learning curve and is a traditional language, its no longer that difficult to get expert developers. Further, the tools like Android Studio, Eclipse are available to build robust and high-quality Android apps with fewer efforts.

Apart from this, for creating iOS apps your developers will require know-how in the Objective-C language which is relatively complicated, programming languages. The relief is Apple offers its developer network with useful tools like Xcode to make native apps.

Windows phone app development is greatly supported by Microsoft and it is recognized as top for making an enterprise app. Building an app for Windows Phone usually requires know-how of C# or VB.NET languages. Microsoft offers a good tool called Visual Studio for making an app.


    Has aptitude to optimize the user experience

    Runs smoothly and speedily, since designed especially for one platform

    No obstacles for advanced user interface customization


    Have to start the whole lot from scratch, when want to develop and launch the app for a couple of platform

    No code can be shared between the different versions of separate apps

When To Select Native App Development?

    If you want make a posh app the place the user experience is the key element

    If the app needs heavy data processing

Web App Development

Web apps are definitely categorized as responsive, traditional, and adaptive apps. Traditional web apps usually comprise any website.

A responsive web app is the one that requires a special cell app design so that it can suit a cell gadget like iPhone or tablet on which it looks.

On the contrary, an adaptive web app doesnt require altering its design. It will demonstrate the same design, even if it'll adjust to suit the diverse screen sizes of any cell gadget.


    The startup, support and maintenance, cost is plenty lesser than a native approach

    Skilled developers are readily available since the web apps are developed with the principle well-liked programming languages


    The performance will be plenty slower as compare to native app

    User experience wont match a cell app that users are expecting

When To Select Web App Development

    If require comparatively straightforward interactions

    If you have a taut budgets

    Majority of data processing of the app can be done on the server

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid cell apps are definitely cross-platform apps but provide the user interface using an embedded web browser and languages like HTML, Javascript, and CSS. HTML5 hybrid apps are built with Trigger.IO, Ionic Framework, Cordova, and Telerik Platform.


    Code can be shared between various versions of the apps across instruments

    Faster development time, as the core part of the app is built using web technologies

    The core of the app can be updated devoid of going through the AppStore


    Some native code may deserve to be written, as no longer all code can be shared

    As interaction is done via the embedded web-browser management, the speed can be impacted

    Less reliable, fast, or smooth as compared to native apps

When To Select Hybrid App Development?

    If your app will mostly deliver content

    If its fundamental for the app to be cross-platform for business outcome


With the technology advancement, the cell app development platforms will additionally continue to adapt and thereby making a exact decision is going to be even tougher. What you deserve to do is, stick to your strategy and recognize your market, the performance requirements, and last but no longer the least, your budget.

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