The Long Awaited 4gb iPhone

The Long Awaited 4gb iPhone

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The new 4gb iPhone had a considerable amount of expectation. The iPhone was to be the future verbal exchange device – like having an ipod and cell phone all in one to save you having both.

For the so much, the new 4gb iPhone lived up to apples pre release facts . Individuals queued for this new product, which only came out in limited inventory, which made it more appealing. This was as a result of its leading edge design and the ease of use of the touch screen. However, there were a few unhappy comments about it.

The 4gb iPhone sleek design

The 4gb iPhone is a quality machine, just incidentally it looks. The slim, shiny design and easy use graphical screen, is a gadget lovers dream. It wishes no promotion, it sells itself. This screen makes it a joy to use, using a trustworthy navigation, PC like system.

Also, the 4gb iPhone is no longer cumbersome.. In fact the iPhone is rather thin which adds to its appeal.

The Phone is no longer cumbersome or cumbersome, definitely the very thin design adds to its style.

The Multi-Functions

The operating system that the 4gb iPhone runs on is the Mac OS X. This system supports to support the many functions that are contained on the iPhone.

One of those applications is the music player. Another of the so much popular is a 2 megapixel camera. One additional well used features, is the ease of accessing the internet.

It also allows the easy access to email, text messaging and online browsing. This is bound to deliver a large following as teenagers have grown up with fast internet access.

Unfavorable Comments Regarding The 4gb iPhone

Of course no gadget is optimal. The 4gb iPhone is the same.

Some of the comments that against the iPhone were:

1. Camera no longer having video 2. four gb no longer ample memory

Two months following the release of this iPhone it was announced that this model of the iPhone would no longer be produced.

This affected the promotion cost of the 4gb iPhone. Originally, it was set at around $499.00. Lack of memory and the resulting decision was to stop production of this model, it could probably be purchased for about $200 less.

This makes the iphone four gb an even buy for those that will not be able to have enough money the top model or probably for the teenager who is just finding this new technology.

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