Playstation 3 Yellow Light Of Death

Playstation 3 Yellow Light Of Death

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Most homes in recent times own either a nintendo wii, playstation 3, xbox 360, or a mixture of tips depending on how a lot you love video games (I know I do lol). Non the less, my focus for this topic is on the playstation 3 as I didn't appreciate how huge of a console it was until finally playing it at my cousin's house a couple of months ago. Having entry to netflix, the internet, and something that I wasn't use to since they came out, which are the blu-ray quality videos (which are awesome), and a plethora of quality video games.

About a month ago, we ran into a problem, which was that his means didn't cut on accurately however we did detect that where thecontinual lights have been in the entrance of the style, they have been in its place a flashing yellow colour. We thought it'd have been a fluke, so we cut it off an on multiple times, however to no avail, the style did the same thing.

So I went online and did some research to why this was taking place, and I was amazed to uncover out that in the beyond year or 2, this problem with the Ps3 was beginning to happen more continually with the householders. I was use to having this problem with the xbox 360 and the red mild xbox error, however I didn't think the ps3 would share the similar destiny over time.

After doing similarly research, I was capable of figure out why the playstation's have been having this error. When the tips are used over time, the hardware within the console will get hot and worn out. When the style gets overheated, it'll not expend the heat on the contrary, so by means of your means trapping all of that heat within the internal design, the console can not work on the contrary and thus the problem is created. The only option was to send the style back to sony since all of their tech help would know first hand what to do in order to fix this, however what I found out that went in conjunction with this was just INSANE.

When you send in your means to sony, they could take up to 6 weeks or more for them to diagnose your problem, fix it, and send it back to you. Along with this, they erase your total harddisk data and that they charge you up to 200 dollars…yes you heard me on the contrary…200 DOLLARS. So enable me get this straight Jonathan, you're telling me that if I don't intentionally do anything to break my means, get an error code and want to fix it, I have to pay 200…that's exactly what I'm saying! I don't uncover that fair at all especially after most of the tips cost anyplace between 200 to four hundred dollars alone and no telling when this error could occur.

Searching for other tech help online, I came across a guy named Rob Sheffield that has been professionally repairing Ps3 tips since they first came out. He would explain that the problem was primary and could well be constant from your domicile, which was a major relief. my cousin and I split the cost of the repair kit he was providing (no where close to 200 dollars lol) and gained it a week later.

The advisor entails an instructional manual, a pdf advisor online, a dvd to observe in absolutely time , pictures to follow grade by grade, entry to online help and a members areas to be advised the style to fix other problems your means could acquire over time, such as the 3 beeps issue, a freezing screen when playing a game, and audio problems just to name a couple of. They have been even showing how to fix the blue ray drive if something happens to loading the disk, a first that I've seen since specialized technicians only tackle fixing the drives.

We used the guides dvd in combination with the picture book to confirm steps, and 2 hours later, we have been playing Uncharted and Borderlands again. Yesss!!! lol. All we did was take our time and followed exactly what we have been intended to do, and we got it done, which was a relief in spite of the entire thing of that in search of the related help.

One thing I've learned from this is that all of our beloved electronics and entertainment aren't here forever, however the exact care and recognition given to them when the time comes will ensure that they last an terrible lot longer than normal. Whether you use this advisor to fix your means or help others, you with no doubt will not regret having to look ahead to ever to get your means back, paying a arm and leg, and trying to get back your total valuable game saves.

Take action and make sure that when the time comes, you are able to effectively fix your yellow mild of death and preserve on gaming!

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