Ochocinco Brings You OCNN Via Motorola Cell Phones

Ochocinco Brings You OCNN Via Motorola Cell Phones

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Chad Ochocinco, formerly Chad Johnson, is the outspoken, flamboyant and most importantly, the maximum offensive threat the Cincinnati Bengals have had in a minimum of twenty years. Ochocinco is the receiver that taunts the cornerbacks, safeties and linebackers that are trying to duvet him. If he's not spitting trash be in contact to the news media then he is doing it organically via Twitter or text message with Motorola Cell Phones. Who's to say if he uses unlocked cell phones. But most recently, amidst the Bengals 2d winning season in twenty years, the 2009 marketing campaign to be precise, Ochocinco has upped the ante to making his personal sports news media site, OCNN.

OCNN stands for Ochocinco Network News and comes with the slogan, "if I break it, you would as well agree with it." While the plan has yet to come to the leading edge and blossom into what Ochocinco is striving for, the plan does consist of equipping players with Motorola Cell Phones, most probably unlocked cell phones, and feature them tweet (the term used for sending a Twitter message) larger news stories before major media networks get wind of it. The Motorola Cell Phones use the creative MotoBlur technology to have the ability to be integral for OCNN.

MotoBlur is a "life streaming" utility constructed by Motorola Cell Phones for Android quantities. It is the one utility to robotically provide and prepare your conversations and pals and content from fairly a lot of sources, that might be social networking sites like Twitter, right to your mobile. There all of it truly is positioned in your mobile in convenient to manipulate streams on the domestic disclose of the mobile. Thus players will see different player's updates as well as updates from the media, all naturally popping up on their phones domestic disclose. So there's no are searching for the content and knowing what is new, historic, inappropriate or in another technique pertinent, it truly is already organized and in a position to read.

Initially the theory comes off as funny, ridiculous or maybe laughable, just on account that it comes from Ochocinco whose reputation is tied more intently with announcing the outlandish to get consciousness in preference to in truth being credible or news worthy. However, this integration of Motorola Cell Phones Motoblur technology on the side of those who listen the news first, or more appropriate yet, are the news, is a high-quality theory. If correctly organized, which in itself would be especially challenging, this is maybe a energy to pass major media and release the news from those that know it foremost. Despite all of the hang-ups that might come up along the technique, adding an lousy lot warfare of consideration, this is an creative theory that the writer believes is Ochocincos foremost. It proves the man is an out of doorways the field thinker that might give more to the world than breathtaking catches and jukes and hilarious landing dances.

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