How To Backup Whatsapp Messages On Android And Iphone

How To Backup Whatsapp Messages On Android And Iphone

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According to Wikipedia, WhatsApp is an speedy messaging app for smartphones that operates under a subscription enterprise variety.Thousands of other people are employing it now. They in time-honored use WhatsApp to talk, call, text,and many others. In this method, we can talk with our pals, households although we are a tactics clear of both other. But once briskly, it moreover brings unhappiness, corresponding to statistics loss. Data lost thanks to form of an horrible lot of functions, like incorrect deletion, deficient formatting, virus attack, could be devastating. So is there a approach to reside clear of this form of difficulty? The reply is "NO". No one can warrantly that. However, don't fret, possible over and over take precautions: backup. Backup can save the day.

So The Question is How to Backup WhatsApp Messages?

Since there's a bite of difference amongst iPhone and Android, here beneath will introduces them one thru one.

Backup WhatsApp Messages iPhone

Step 1: Find "Setting" at your WhatsAppp interface.

Step 2: Find "Chat Settings" at "Settings" interface, tap it.

Step three: Find "Chat Backup" at "Chat Settings" interface, tap it.

Step 4: You have two providers to Backup. One is "Auto Backup", the opposite one is "Back Up Now", tap it in response for your non-public wishes.


1. For "Auto Back Up", possible identify "Daily, Weekly, Monthly". Please be mindful that your backup is stored in iClound.

2. "Auto Back Up" is commended. This technique you haven't got manually backup once again.

Backup WhatsApp Messages Android

Step 1: Find "Settings" at your WhatsAppp interface.

Step 2: Find "Chats and calls" at "Settings" interface, then tap it.

Step three: Find "Chat backup" at "Chats and calls" interface, then tap it.

Step 4: You have two providers at "Chat Backup". One is "Back Up", the opposite one is "Back up to Google Drive".


1. For "Back up to Google Drive", three providers are conceivable. Only when I tap " Back up", Daily, Weekly, Monthly.

2. "Back up to Google force" is commended. This technique possible necessarily backup even you do not bring it to mind at all. Very to hand.

Backup WhatsApp messages is a awfully excellent technique to restoration your statistics at any form of difficulty. It's undemanding and free, really few clicks. Another bonus is that possible pass WhatsApp massages amongst Android and iPhone thru backup.

If you'll want to benefit extra, please view this text Transfer WhatsApp Messages

This article provides you with undemanding and free tactics which could properly let you pass WhatsApp Messages amongst Android and iPhone. It solely wishes a host of mins and solely works. You couldn't disregard it.

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