Comtech 625 Advanced Satellite Modem Overview

Comtech 625 Advanced Satellite Modem Overview

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The Advanced Satellite Modem Comtech 625 A bureaucracy a legacy by presenting the worlds most effectual modems of satellite. With the improvement for Versa Forward Error Correction (VersaFEC), the progressive bandwidth compression also pointed out as DoubleTalk Carrier-in-Carrier, the state of the art processing packet and extra roll-offs, CMD-625A so much reduce than all stipulations presents the wonderful reductions. The combine of the first state of the art applied sciences enabled the multi-dimensional optimization, allowing the clients of satellite communique to do appropriate here:

-Minimizing the operating repayments / OPEX

-Maximizing the all around with no employing extra transponder methods

-Maximizing the margin or availability with no employing extra transponder methods

-Minimizing the capital repayments / CAPEX by allowing the smaller HPA/BUC or/and antenna

-Combination of those to fulfill the very important calls for of the agencies

Some of the components incorporate the bandwidth compression DoubleTalk Carrier-in-Carrier and Automatic Power Control Carrier-in-Carrier.

The DoubleTalk Carrier-in-Carrier

The DoubleTalk Carrier-in-Carrier, according to the patented technology, Adaptive Cancellation, facilitates get hold of and transmit carrier of duplex hyperlink to share comparable transponder bandwidth. The DoubleTalk Carrier-in-Carrier matches your entire advances of new technology that includes the modulation concepts and disturbing FEC. As those mannequin of applied sciences perspective the bandwidth efficiencies and theoreticalcontinual limits, the DoubleTalk Carrier-in-Carrier uses an advance signal processing system that presents a logo new size for bandwidth effectivity.

As the DoubleTalk Carrier-in-Carrier facilitates an identical effectivity spectral by employing a diminish modulation order or/and code charge, it is sincerely going to most maybe diminish back the requiredcontinual on the means whereby to near the hyperlink and likewise diminish back the CAPEX to allow the smaller HPA/BUC or/and antenna. The DoubleTalk Carrier-in-Carrier may even be used alternatively on the means whereby to download a awfully excessive effectivity spectral. As as an example, When DoubleTalk Carrier-in-Carrier is used with 16-QAM, it'd perspective the bandwidth effectivity of eight bps/Hz or 256-QAM.

When DoubleTalk Carrier-in-Carrier is mixed with TPC/LDPC or VersaFEC, it may get a hold of an unparalleled saving in thecontinual usage and transponder bandwidth. This facilitates a prevailing deployment incontinual-confined and bandwidth-confined eventualities, as smartly by making use of actuality the diminish fee in HPA/BUCcontinual standards.

Automatic Power Control Carrier-in-Carrier (APC-CNC)

The patent pending Automatic Power Control Carrier-in-Carrier (APC-CNC) mechanism can allow all sides of CNC hyperlink modems to mechanically compensate and diploma rain fade and preserve the TCP (Total Composite Power). In addition to that, APC-CNC also facilitates the modems to share the hyperlink margin. For example, a modem in a awfully clear  of sky can transfer successfully the excess margin hyperlink to a awfully distant conclusion modem  be experiencing the fade. In this vary, the same old availability of APC-CNC is broadly better.

The Dual Band Capability

The CDM-625A helps the 70/140 MHz and 950 to 2250 MHz prolonged L-band capacity in comparable unit with an independently selectable get hold of and transmit IF. This simplifies the stocking and sparing of networks that requires L-band and 70/140 MHz devices.

The Packet Processor

The excessive performance optionally achieveable Packet Processor can allow a engaging networking of IP and a satellite shipping over with a awfully low header compression, overhead encapsulation, advance service high fine quality and payload compression to CDM-625A. The QOS mixed with the payload and header compression make bound the first advantageous of service with a minimum latency and jitter for an particular time traffic, optimum effectivity of bandwidth and priority clear up of most very important missions applications.


To upgrade the usefulness of our Satellite Comtech 625 Modem, we be proposing an sequence of affords, adding 1:1 and M:N excess switches, interface converters, IP-empowered monitor & manage interfaces, and which is the cause why leading the tip of the iceberg.

Satcom Solutions Corporation and Comtech

Satcoms Solutions Corporation is a relied on attempted and true legit of distribution of Comtech Satellite Modems. Being a frontrunner in South Africa and one one of many most acceptable vendors on the planet it is sincerely convenient to go looking out out why Satcoms Solutions Corporations has led the means whereby in organising markets in in a foreign country and neighborhood nations.


More than 200 man-years get collectively in the specialized crisis of satellite communications.

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